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Bumpass and Hill Families

Descendants of Edouad Bompasse, immigrant to the Plymouth Colony in 1621

     Edouad Bompasse arrived at Plymouth Colony on 21 November 1621, aboard the ship Fortune, the second ship to arrive at the colony. The name Bompasse is French and he may have been a Huguenot fleeing religious persecution in France. In the colonies he became known as Edward Bumpas. He had 13 children and is the progenitor for many families using the surnames Bump, Bumpas, Bumpass, Bumpers, Bumps, and Bumpus. My line of descent is through his son John Bumpas Sr. to my great-great grandmother, Florence Omega Bumpass, who married Alexander Hill. It is this line of descent that primarily is represented here.

     See Charts for my descent from Edouad Bompasse.

Descendants of John Hill and Margaret Covington of Davidson Co., Tennessee

     John Hill and his wife Margaret Covington migrated to Davidson County, Tennessee, from Rocklingham County, North Carolina in December 1809. The ancestry of John is uncertain at this time. I believe the he may be the son of a John Hill who in turn was the son of Micajah or Dutton Hill but there will need to be additional research to confirm this. John served in the War of 1812, participating in the Battle of New Orleans with General Andrew Jackson.

     Presented here are some of the descendants of John and Margaret, primarily through his son Alexander Hill who married Florence Omega Bumpass, my great-great-grandparents. William Corn, my fourth cousin, has done considerable research on the descendants of John and Margaret Hill and has published part 4 of his report on their descendants which includes all information contained in the previous parts. This can be found at the Metro Archives located in Nashville, Tennessee.

     See Charts for my descent from John Hill.

Harper and Mullins Family

Descendants of Nathaniel Harper of Davidson Co., Tennessee

     I have been unable to find out much about this Harper family. Nathaniel Harper, my g-g-grandfather, has been as far back that I have been able to trace the family. Census records indicate that he was born in Virginia. His wife was Susan Mullins of Cannon Co., Tennessee, although she may have been his second wife. Susan was school teacher and had been previously married to Thomas Nokes Jr. Nathaniel and Susan appear to have had only one child, James Thomas Harper, who was the father of Jessie Kidder Harper my grandmother. Susan appears to have had five children by her first husband, Thomas Nokes.

     I would be interested in hearing from others who may know something about this family and can provide information on Nathaniel's ancestry.

     See Charts for my descent from Nathaniel Harper.

Mullins Family, Some descendants of Charles Mullins Sr. of Halifax Co., Virginia

     Susan Mullins, wife of Nathaniel Harper, was the daughter of Daniel Coleman Mullins of Cannon Co., Tennessee. This Mullins family traces back to Charles Mullins Sr. originally of Pennsylvania and then of Halifax County, Virginia. Susan first married a Thomas Nokes Jr. and had five children. After Thomas' death she married Nathaniel Harper and had one child James Thomas Harper who is my great-grandfather.

     See Charts for my descent from Charles Mullins Sr. of Halifax Co., Virginia.

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