Wilhite, Wilhoite, Wilhoit Families and other spelling variations

Wilhite/Wilhoit Charts

     Johann Michael Willheit was born in Schwaigern, Württemberg, Germany and is believed to have been a member of the second Germanna Colony that immigrated to Virginia in 1717. The spelling of the surname has taken on many variations as his descendants migrated to all corners of America. Among the many variations are Wilhite, Willhite, Wilhoite, Willhoite, Wilhoyte, Willhoyte, Wilhoit, Willhoit, Wilheit, Willheit, and Wilhight. Sometimes different variations can be found for the same individual on different records. Johann Michael Willheit's ancestry can be traced back to the mid 1500s in Germany to a Georg Willert who was born in 1550 in Schwaigern, Württemberg. The Wilhite/Wilhoit/Wilhoite lines in all of its various spellings have been the subject of much research. Much information is contain in publications by others and I would be violating their copyright by including all of it here.

     I have included here the ancestry of Johann Michael Willheit and some of his descendants. Much of my research is on my line which is through James Wilhite who married Comfort Stansbury. James is believe to have been the son of Adam Wilhite, son of Conrad Wilhite, son of Tobias Willheit, son of the immigrant Johann Michael Willheit. James's family settled in Knox County Tennessee and was prominent in the New Hopewell Baptist Church on Kimberlin Heights Road in Knoxville. The first Church was built on land donated by James.

I have also included some information on collateral lines particularly information from other researchers who have shared their information with me. Also included is additional research on those collateral lines that I have done.