Lawrence Family Ancestry

3 Generations of Lawrence Family.

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     I have included here my paternal and maternal ancestry. Also included in the site are the descendants of my father and mother, i.e., my family and my sister's family.

Paternal Ancestry

     My paternal Lawrence ancestry goes back to England through Robert Lawrence who immigrated to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, around 1638. He was the son of Sir John Lawrence, Baronet, of London and Grissell Gibbons. Sir John's ancestry traces to the Lawrence of Ashton Hall in Lancashire, England, who descend from the de Lancasters, Barons of Kendal. Additional information on the descendants and ancestors of the Ashton Hall Lawrences can be found on Lawrences of Ashton Hall web page. There are other Lawrence families in America who immigrated to New England, New York, and New Jersey who also are descended from the Lawrences of Ashton Hall. I have included a little information on some of those lines but have chose to concentrate on the descendants of Robert Lawrence.

     There are ties to the medieval and ancient ancestry through two several lines of my paternal ancestry. One is through the ancestry of Anne Council who married Robert Lawrence IV. Anne was the granddaughter of Hodges Council Jr. and Lucy Hardy. The ancestry of the Hardys traces back to the de Hardys in England and through the wife of Sir John de Hardy, Mary Stanley, to the English royal line.

     Another, through the wife of Sir John Lawrence of London, the father of Robert Lawrence the immigrant, Grissell's parents were Gervas Gibbons and Grisilde Roberts. Following through the Roberts line to Thomas Roberts who married Elizabeth Fremingham, through the Fremingham line to James de Fremingham who married Agnes Wingfield who in turn was the daughter of Sir Robert Wingfield II and Elizabeth Goushill and Elizabeth who was the daughter of Robert Goushill who married Elizabeth d'Arundel FitzAlan and through her parents Richard III FitzAlan and Elizabeth de Bohun both lines that connect to the English royal line.

     Additionally there are many other early immigrant ancestors whose family lines can be traced back to some of the noble families of Europe. One of these being the Kincaids.

     Some of the allied families in my paternal ancestry include Bumpass, Daniel, Daughtrey, Hardy, Harper, Hill, Kincaid, McMurry, Mullins, Sloan, and Towne.

Maternal Ancestry

     My maternal Harr ancestry traces back to Simon Harr who immigrated to Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. He is listed on the passenger list as Hans Jacob Haar. He changed his name to Simon and migrated to Virginia, Shenandoah and Frederick Counties. He arrived in Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., in about 1755, where he was the first school master for St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Today, there is a plaque in front of the church commemorating Simon. Simon is believed to have come from the Elbe River area of Prussia (Germany) but no information of him in Germany has been found to date.

     My maternal ancestry has ties to medieval and ancient ancestry through the Bondurant line, French Huguenot immigrants to Virginia.

     Some of the allied families in my maternal ancestry include Bondurant, Boone, Brown, Burnett, Byerly, Ford, Henton, Leonard, Rose, Stansbury, and Wilhoite.

     See Charts for 25 generations of my paternal and maternal ancestry.

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