Some notable individuals who are ancestors of the preparer.

  • William I of England

    26th great-grandfather. "William the Conqueror", King of England 1066-1087, Norman invader who defeated the Saxon English King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

  • Harold II of England

    29th great-grandfather. The last Anglo-Saxon King of England January-October 1066, defeated by William the Conqueror and slained at the Battle of Hastings.

  • Edward I of England

    20th great-grandfather. "Longshanks", the "Hammer of the Scots", King of England 1272-1307, defeated William Wallace "Braveheart" in 1305.

  • John I of England

    22nd great-grandfather. "Lackland", King of England 1199-1216, successor of his brother King Richard I "Lion Heart" and signer of the Magna Charta..

  • Alfred of England

    32nd great-grandfather. King of England 872-899. The first to be recognized as King of all England.

  • Duncan I MacCrinan

    27th great-grandfather. King of Scotland 1034-1040. Duncan was killed by Macbeth in 1040.

  • Malcolm III of Scotland

    26th great-grandfather. Malcolm III of Scotland 26th great-grandfather. Son of Duncan and King of Scotland 1058-1093. Known as "Cranmore" (Bighead). His rule moved Scotland away from their Gaelic past and toward the Anglo-Norman world of southern Britain. His wife, Margaret, was canonized in 1250 and in 1673 she was named as one of the patron saints of Scotland.

  • Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (El Cid)

    27th great-grandfather. Help drive the Moors from Spain.

  • Alfonzo I Henriquez of Portugal

    24th great-grandfather. First king of Portugal (1139-1185).

  • Hugh Capet of France

    29th great-grandfather. King of France 987-996, founder of the Capetian dynasty of France which followed the Carolingian line (Charlemagne's descendants) and ruled France until 1328.

  • Muhammad, the prophet

    43rd great-grandfather. Muhammad had one surviving daughter, Fatima, who married Caliph Ali ben Abu Talib, whose descendants were among the Moors who ruled Spain. They eventually married with the ruling families of Leon who in turn married with the families of Castile and who in turn married with English rulers.

  • Arpad of the Magyrs,

    33rd great-grandfather. Prince of the Magyrs, Duke of Hungary, led the emmigration from the Dnieper stepps in 889 to conquer Hungary and Transylvania and founded a dynasty that ruled until 1301 (the first king would not be crowned until 997). About 90 percent of modern day Hungarians are Magyars.

  • Harald I Gormsson of Denmark

    33rd great-grandfather. King of Denmark, King of Norway, founder of the Jamsborg Viking Colony, established Christianity in Denmark.

Ancestors who were Holy Roman Emperors, also know as Emperors of the West or Emperors of the Romans

  • Charlemagne

    33rd great-grandfather. "Charles the Great", King of the Franks 768-814, Emperor of the West 800-814.

  • Louis I of France

    32nd great-grandfather. (the Pious, le D├ębonnaire), King of Aquitaine 781-840, King of France 814-840, Emperor of the West 814-840, King of Germany 814-840.

  • Lothar I of Italy

    33rd great-grandfather. King of Italy 817-855, Emperor of the West 840-855.

  • Louis II of Italy

    33rd great-grandfather. (the Young), Emperor of the West 855-875, King of Italy 844-875.

  • Charles II of France

    31st great-grandfather. (the Bald), King of France 840-877, Emperor of the West 875-878, King of Burgundy, King of Italy.

  • Gui II (III) of Spoleto

    35th great-grandfather. Duke of Spoleto, Count of Camerino, King of Italy, Emperor of the West 891-894.

  • Arnolph of Germany

    31st great-grandfather. King of Germany 887-899, Emperor of the West 896-899.

  • Louis III Bernodies of Province

    31st great-grandfather. (the Blind), King of Provence & Italy, Holy Roman Emperor 901-905.

  • Berenger I of Italy

    32nd great-grandfather. King of Italy 888-924, Holy Roman Emperor 915-924, Marquis of Friuli.

  • Otto I of Germany

    31st great-grandfather. (the Great), King of Germany 936-973, Holy Roman Emperor 936-973.

  • Otto II of Germany

    31st great-grandfather. King of Germany 973-983, Holy Roman Emperor 973-983.

  • Conrad II of Germany

    28th great-grandfather. (le Salique), King of Germany1024-1039, King of Italy, King of Burgundy, Holy Roman Emperor 1024-1039.

  • Henry III of Germany

    27th great-grandfather. (the Black), Duke of Bavaria & Swabia, King of Burgundy, King of Germany 1039-1056, Holy Roman Emperor 1039-1056.

  • Henry IV of Germany

    27th great-grandfather. Holy Roman Emperor 1056-1105, King of Germany 1056-1105.

  • Frederick I of Germany

    24th great-grandfather. (Barbarossa) Duke of Alsace and Swabia, King of Germany 1152-1190, King of Italy 1155-1190, Holy Roman Emperor 1152-1190.

  • Henry VI of Germany

    25th great-grandfather. King of Germany 1190-1197, Holy Roman Emperor 1190-1197.

  • Frederick II of Germany

    24th great-grandfather. King of Germany 1212-1250, Holy Roman Emperor 1212-1250, King of Naples & Sicily 1198-1212.