These ancestors have been identified as having served in some capacity during the Revolutionary War.


  • William Bumpass

    William Bumpass was drafted in 1779 as a private under Capt. John Stanley and marched through New Kent to Yorktown where he joined the army under Gen. Thomas Nelson. Served three months. Later in 1779 he volunteered and was commissioned a lieutenant under Capt. Thomas Richardson for the purpose of recruiting soldiers to march to the northern states. Served four months as a recruiting lieutenant. He was called out as a private in January 1780 under Capt. Thomas Richardson and Col. Nelson Anderson and marched through Henrico to Duval's Hill were he joined a regiment of regulars. Served two months. He was called out again in April 1781 and marched from Hanover County as a private under Capt. Bartlett Anderson and Col Samuel Meredith. After serving one month he hired a substitute to serve out the remainder of the term. He was called out the first of Dec. 1781 under Capt. Ambrose Lipscomb as private and was appointed 1st sergeant. He served seven months as private and four months as lieutenant. William could not furnish proof of his service as a lieutenant and relinquished his claim to a lieutenant's pension. He claimed a pension for seven months as a private.

  • Thomas Sloan Sr.

    Thomas Sloan Sr. served as a Lieutenant in the Hartford Guard during the Revolutionary War and also supplied the Continental Army with bullets and a canon mount.

  • William Towne

    William grew up in Oxford, Massachusetts, and moved to Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut where he enlisted into the company commanded by Capt. Samuel Lockwood and Col. Lamb's Connecticut Regiment of Artillery for three years. He was discharged in 1780.


  • Johan Michael Braun (Brown)

    Johan Michael Braun was a Second Lieutenant in the 8th Company, 6th Battalion, Lancaster County Militia.

  • Jeremiah Burnett I

    In May 1774 Court Orders, Bedford Co., Virginia, Jeremiah Burnett was paid 8.6.6 for service in Capt. William Campbell's Company under Lt. Danile Trigg and Alexander Cummings. In the 31 March 1781, Court Orders, Bedford Co., Virginia, Jeremiah Burnett is listed in Lt. Triggs Company of Militia in Revolutionary War.

  • James Ford Sr.

    While having not served directly in the military James Ford Sr. is listed in the Revolutionary Patriot Record of the Daughters of the American Revolution for having supplied bacon to the Army. He also served under Col. George Washington during the French and Indian War and lost his right eye to a musket ball at the Battle of Great Meadows.

  • James Ford Jr.

    While having not served directly in the military James Ford Jr. is listed in the Revolutionary Patriot Record of the Daughters of the American Revolution for having supplied "grass beef" to the Army.

  • Simon Harr

    Simon Harr as a clerk in Alexander Machir's company of Strasburg, Virginia, during the Revolutionary War.

  • Frederick Leonard

    Frederick Leonard was a private in the company commanded by Captain Marshall of the Regiment of Colonel Stuart in the Virginia line, for 4 years and 9 months from 1776 to 1781. During the Revolutionary War he was attacked by two Hessian soldiers and killed them both. Pursued by other Hessians he hid in a cave to escape them. Later he was part of the "Over the Mountain Men" participating in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

  • Luke Stansbury

    Luke Stansbury enlisted from Caswell Co., NC, Jan 17, 1778, and was a private in the Revolutionary War. He served under Capt. Reading Blount and Col. Robert Nebane in the North Carolina Continental Establishement. He was taken prisoner at the capture of Charleston, South Carolina, and held for one year. He escaped, rejoined, and was later discharged.