Descendents of William Rose of Surry Co., Virginia

Rose Charts

     Researcher's Rose ancestry can be traced to John Rose of Virginia through his son Hosea Rose. It has been said that Hosea married the widow Sarah Bradford Taylor. This now appears to be untrue and that Sarah Bradford Taylor married a Bennent Rose rather than Hosea Rose. The identity of Hosea's wife (or wives) has not been determined although the given name of his wife was Sarah. Researcher's line continues through Hosea's granddaughter, Margaret (Peggy) Rose, daughter of his son Elisha Rose, who married John M. Wilhite. John and Peggy are buried in the cemetery at the New Hopewell Baptist Church in Kimberlin Heights, Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee.

     John Rose, Sr., Hosea Rose's father, descends from William Rose of Surry Co., Virginia, who probably was born in England. Earlier Researchers had connected John Rose, Sr., to William Rose of Surry Co. through his son Richard Rose and Richard's son Thomas Rose. This lineage is incorrect. In a three part report titled Lt. Hosea Rose of Virginia, North Carolina, and East Tennessee by Carl J. York of Knoxville, Tennessee, prepared with assistance from Mrs. Lurene (Rose) Bivin and Mrs. Beverly Ann (Reeves) Conolly, the ancestry of John Rose, Sr., has been clarified. The report appears in the publication Tennessee Ancestors, a tri-annual publication of The East Tennessee Historical Society. Part I-Hosea Rose's Father, Siblings, and Children, appeared in the April 2008 publication.

     Part II-DNA and the Search for Hosea Rose's Grandfather, appeared in the August 2008 publication. In Part II Carl uses DNA analysis and analysis of known descendants of William Rose of Surry Co. to eliminate all possible ancestral lines for John Rose, Sr. arriving at his true ancestral line. William Rose of Surry Co. had two sons, William and Richard. Son William had four sons, William, Henry, John, and Richard, and son Richard had two sons, Thomas and Richard. John Rose, Sr., had to be the son of one of those six grandsons of William Rose of Surry. Based on the research of Carl York, John Rose, Sr. was determined to be the son of Richard Rose, son of William Rose, son of William Rose of Surry Co. The following chart shows the descendants of William Rose of Surry County, the above mentioned sons plus known daughters.

     Descendants of William Rose of Surry Co., Virginia, 4 Generations

     Part III-The Remaining Kin of Hosea Rose Identify Themselves, appeared in the December 2008 publication. This part goes on to identify the brothers of John Rose, Sr., and their descendants.

     The primary sources for the researcher's research has included information obtained from the Rose Family Association on Hosea Rose and his son Elisha Rose, the aforementioned report published in Tennessee Ancestors, as well as the researcher's own research of genealogical records.