Descendants of Alexander Burnard of Scotland

including descendants of John Burnett I, immigrant to Virginia in 1635

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     The Burnetts can be traced back to the times of Robert the Bruce King of Scotland in the early 1300s who rewarded Alexander Burnard large grants of land for his loyal service. He also was made Keeper of the Forest of Drum symbolized by the Horn of Leys which hangs today in Crathes Castle.

     Researcher's great-grandmother was Lucinda Jane Burnett of Knox County, Tennessee, who is a descendant of John Burnett I, the immigrant to Virginia in 1635. In 1638 John received a license from King Charles I of England "the sole merchant of our Kingdom of Scotland, that hath supplied the plantations of Virginia and become Our tenant there, and his factors to have free commerce and traffic between Scotland and Virginia." John was from Aberdeen, Scotland, and is a descendant of the Burnetts of Leys.