Byerly Family immigrants from Bavaria to Pennsylvania in 1752

Byerly Charts

     This Byerly family descends from Joseph Byerly immigrant probably from the Palatinate of Bavaria or Palatine. Joseph Beyrer aka Byerly arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on the ship Louisa on 8 November 1752. He was the ancestor of the Byerlys that came to Rockingham County in the Valley of Virginia around 1783 by way of Maryland. The name Byerly is found in records with various spellings such as Bierly, Byrley, Birely, Beier, Bier, plus many other phonetically spellings and mispellings making it difficult in some cases to find the desired record. The book The Byerly Family of the Valley of Virginia, by John F. Byerly Jr., provides a very good history of the origins of the Byerly name and history of this family. Researcher has found that descendants from this family have spread throughout this country to such states as Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and many others.

     Researcher's great-grandmother was Columbia Byerly who married Edward Hunter Harr and were the parents of researcher's grandfather Robert Hunter Harr.