French Huguenot immigrant to Manakin Town, Virgian, circa 1700

Bondurant Charts

     The earliest known Bondurant ancestor is Jehan (I) Bondurant also known as Les Maliheyres because he came from Malihieres, a small village near Belle Poile. Based on the death date of his son, Jehan (II) Bondurant of 1472, Jehan (I) was probably born in the early 1400s. Jehan is the Oc equivalent of Jean. Oc (or Occitan) was the primary language of the Languedoc area and the Cévennes in the Middle Ages. His 7th great-grandson, Jean Pierre Bondurant, was among the protestant Huguenots who fled France due to religious pursecution first to Switzerland and later to Germany. Jean Pierre must have later traveled to London as he was among the Huguenots who arrived at the mouth of the James River in Virginia aboard the Ye Peter and Anthony on 20 September 1700. This was the second transport of Huguenot immigrants from London and they were taken up river to join the first arrivals at Manakin Town the year before. He had been apprenticed to his father's cousin, Andre Bondurant, a Master Apothecary, at a young age where he learned enough medicine to be accounted a Doctor in the Colonies in Virginia. Some of his descendants, particularly the descent to our family line, are presented here.

     The Bondurants of Génolhac, France by Mary Bondurant Warren traces Jean Pierre's ancestry back to Charlamagne and other noble families of medieval times. That ancestry also is presented here.