Descendents of Detmar Sternberg (Stansbury Family)

Stansbury Charts

     It has long been thought that Detmar Sternberg immigrated from Holland and it has been said that he descends from William of Orange. One family tradition states that "Count Detmar Sternberg/Stansbury was the great-grandson of Prince William of the House of Orange (his grandmother was the daughter of Prince William making her a Princess)." This probably refers to William I of Orange (William the Silent) also known as "Father of the Fatherland" for organizing the Dutch revolt against Spanish rule, which after the Eighty Years War led to an independent Dutch state. William I was married four times and had at least three sons and two daughters. It must be one of the daughters that the above references.

     The family tradition goes on to state that his Stansbury ancestors were from Holland but before that they were from England. Detmar's grandfather is said to have been an English Earl who fled England to Holland during one of the religious persecutions of the Puritans and in Holland changed his name from Stansbury to Sternberg so that his last name would sound more Dutch than English. This must be who one of the daughters of William I married.

     It is then said that Detmar came to America with his wife Catherine Renske and their 6 year old son, Tobias Starnborough, because he was afraid his son would lose his English heritage and identity. They settled in Baltimore County, Maryland and their name eventually changed back to Stansbury. Tobias's surname is listed as Starnborough in various records.

     A source on WorldConnect names Detmar's parents as Dethmarus Sternberg and Cathrina Morske.

     How much if any of the above is true remains to be proven. The researcher would love to hear from anyone who can shed some light on the ancestry of this interesting family.

     Researcher's connection to the Stansbury family of Baltimore is through Comfort Stansbury who married James Wilhite. Comfort was the daughter of Luke Stansbury. Luke was the son of Samuel Stansbury, the son of Samuel A. Stansbury, the son of Tobias Starnborough, the son of Detmar Sternberg who immigrated to Maryland. Luke migrated to North Carolina and eventually to Tennessee. He served as a private in the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina Continental Establishment. Luke lived to be 99 years old and is buried at the cemetery at the New Hopewell Baptist Church in Kimberlin Heights, a suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee.