Leonard Charts

     Researcher's earliest known Leonard ancestor is Frederick Leonard. He may have been an immigrant from Germany or may have been born in Pennsylvania. His ancestry is unresolved. He married Anna Maria Braun daughter of Johan Michael Braun and Anna Juliana Karger.

     Frederick Leonard and Anna Maria eventually settled in the Washington County, Virginia, Sullivan County, Tennessee, area and had 13 children. Their daughter Mary Ann Leondard married David H. Harr. David Harr, a son of David H. Harr and Mary Ann Leonard, married a Mary Jane Leonard. The researcher believes Mary Jane to be a daughter of one of the sons of Frederick Leonard and Anna Maria Braun. After reseaching the census records for the area researcher believes that she probably is the daughter of Gasper Leonard. David Harr and Mary Jane had seven children before she died in 1865. In 1866 David married Mary Ann (Clayman) Leonard, a widow with a son Able J. Leonard. The first husband of Mary Ann Clayman and the father of Able was a Bradley Leonard whom the researcher has not been able to connect to a Leonard family. David Harr and Mary Ann eventually moved to Lyon County, Kansas, and had a total of nine children giving David a total of 16 children.

     Frederick Leonard served in the Revolutionary War and took part in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

     Note:There is confusion on the relationship of some Leonard families to the descendants of Frederick Leonard. This has been compounded by what the researcher considers to be some incorrect family trees on Ancestry.com. The researcher has spent some time trying to sort out some of these relationships and while some may still be incorrect, what researcher has posted here is believed to be the correct relationships. This has resulted in some Leonard families being included here that apparently do not have a connection to descendants of Frederick Leonard in hope that others may be able to shed light on their origins.