Henton/Hinton and Boone Families immigrants from England

Henton Charts

     Since there were several intermarriages between the Henton Family and the Boone family the researcher have combined the information on both families on the same web site section. The earliest Boone family member the researcher has identified is George Boone (I) born circa 1616 in Exeter, Devon, England. George Boone (III), grandson of George (I) arrived in the Colonies in 1717 along with seven of his children and his sister Persis Boone. 47420 immigrated from England to Pennsylvania in the early 1717 around the same time as the Boone family. He married Persis Boone but it is unclear whether they married prior to immigrating to Pennsylvania or afterwards. Persis Boone was a Aunt to Edward Squire Boone the father of Daniel Boone the renown frontiersman. A son of George Henton and Persis, William Henton, eventually migrated to Rockingham Co., Virginia. He is the ancestor of the researcher's family line. Some of the family lines spell the surname as Hinton.