Harr Family

Harr Charts

     Researcher's Harr ancestors can be traced backed to a Hans Jacob Haar who immigrated from Prussia in the mid-1700s to Pennsylvania. He later appears Shenandoah County, Virginia where he is known as Simon Harr. Family tradition had always indicated that the Harrs were Dutch not German. However, the researcher has been unable to substantiate this at this time.

     Simon married three times. He had three known sons by his first wife and two known sons by his second wife. There are no know issues from his third wife. His son, David H. Harr (researcher's ancestor), by his second wife migrated along with his step-brother John Henry Harr from Simon's first wife to Sullivan County, Tennessee about 1806 - 1808. David's full brother, another John Harr, migrated to Monongalia Co., Virginia, later West Virginia, where he married Elizabeth Merrifield.