Ford/Faure Family-Descendants of Isaac Faure of France

Ford (Faure) Charts

     The earliest Ford ancestor the researcher has been able to identify is Isaac Faure. The Faures were Huguenot immigrants to Manakin Town, Virginia. From the immigrants have sprung several variations of the spelling of the name, Ford, Fore, and Foree. The researcher's connection to this family is through James Ford Sr. son of Jean Pierre Faure and his first wife Mary Elizabeth Agee of Manakin Town, Virginia.

     The source for most of this information has been various publications of the Huguenot Society of Manikin Town, Virginia, and a publication Faure Ford Fore Foree of Manakin Town compiled by Larry Ford. Additional information has come from The Maxeys of Virginia, Revised Edition by Edythe Maxey Clark, as well as other records found in the Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution.